Why Cloud4Next?

Multi-Cloud Management

We offer suitable cloud solutions for your business with our high-performance cloud infrastructure and the services of hyperscalers.

New Generation Technology

We offer you local cloud services with our new generation and secure technological infrastructure consisting of products from leading manufacturers in the world.

Right Price / Right Value Balance

With our optimum pricing strategy, we offer your organization the opportunity to make your business more efficient while saving costs.

Strong Know-How

As your strategic business partner, we offer managed services and consultancy solutions for Data Center, Network, and Security services via our expert technical teams with strong know-how.


How To Move My Infrastructure to the Cloud?

With Cloud4Next’s cloud migration service, we seamlessly move your organization’s existing infrastructures to the cloud and enable you to benefit from the advantages of cloud computing.

For cloud migration service, a customized migration strategy is created according to the needs of your organization. This strategy includes migration of data, restructuring of applications, and security measures. Cloud4Next, with its team of experienced and certified experts, facilitates data transfer and ensures a seamless transition. With this approach, institutions minimize data loss and provide an uninterrupted service.

The time it takes to move your data to the cloud may vary depending on the amount of data to be moved, connection speed, and target cloud platform. While small amounts of data can be moved quickly, large-scale data migrations can take longer. You should also consider factors such as backing up your data, data transfer speed, and application reconfiguration.

Yes, you can migrate to the cloud on your own. However, this process can be complex and can result in data loss or outages if done incorrectly. Therefore, if you have not migrated to the cloud before or if you are going to perform a large-scale migration, working with a professional cloud migration service provider such as Cloud4Next is a safer and more efficient option.

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Why Cloud4Next?
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