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About us

Cloud4Next is a local cloud services provider that responds to all cloud infrastructure and services that corporate companies may need with its own cloud infrastructure and the services and solutions offered by global cloud service providers.

With our expertise and customer experience that we have developed over many years within ITserv Technology, we have taken part in many data centers, operator infrastructures and cloud service provider infrastructure installations and operations in Turkey, the Middle East and Europe. We continue to provide services in many countries, especially in Turkey, with more than 30 certified system engineers and consultant employees who are experts in their fields.

Providing services within the scope of Multi-Cloud infrastructure solutions, Cloud4Next offers solutions and services in many areas such as cloud infrastructure and platform transitions, data security and managed services to ensure that its customers’ systems operate 24/7 and the continuity of their data.

Cloud4Next has business partnerships with leading international manufacturers in its field within the scope of cloud infrastructure and services.

We offer value-added cloud technologies that highlight your potential in the digital journey of your business with a global vision by ensuring that your data is stored, backed up and access continuity in a secure cloud environment in two data centers located in two strategic regions of Turkey.

Our Mission:

  • To be a reliable guide that will make businesses advantageous in global competition by using cloud technologies most efficiently in their digital transformation.
  • To contribute to our country’s economy by exporting technology and showing our people’s competencies worldwide.
  • To employ talented young people, to support them to become competent in cloud technologies, and to reach the level to carry out projects on a global scale.

Our Vision:

  • To be Turkey’s largest technology exporter in cloud technologies, and as a global service provider, to become the cloud company that young people most want to work for.

Our Values:

  • Understanding the Customer: We listen and understand our customers well and offer the most appropriate solutions honestly and sincerely under all circumstances.
  • Continuous Development: We strictly follow the latest technological developments, adapt them to our business, and make our organizational development continuous.
  • Sense of Urgency and Responsibility: We take action at maximum speed in processes, demands, and problems. We observe the quality of the service we provide from the perspective of accountability.
  • Efficiency and High Performance: We aim to achieve the highest individual productivity and organizational efficiency.

We provide local and global cloud services to all corporate companies

Our Business Partners

With Cloud4Next, you can easily access local cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud related products and services and start using them quickly.




Cloud4Next aims to export 'cloud' technologies and increase its income

ITCloud, the cloud technologies brand of ITGroup, one of Turkey's important system integration and domestic software companies, rebranded with the name Cloud4Next and set out with the vision of becoming a worldwide exporter in cloud technologies.

Companies are getting stronger with cloud technology

Cloud4Next, which brings companies' traditional infrastructures to the cloud and enables them to compete abroad, strengthens domestic companies.